closeup photo of rplace 2022



Design a hardcover book cover and inside pages for r/place, an experimental subreddit on Reddit where people can add a pixel of color to a large white canvas every five minutes.


The challenge was to balance a near-infinite number of images with minimal text, creating a design that captured the spirit of r/place.


To capture the spirit of r/place, the design process began with analyzing which images best represented the subreddit and matching them with text. The theme of chaos was explored, while still maintaining a clear layout that fit onto each page. The decision was made to place all of the text on the spine to avoid tarnishing the visuals on the cover.


The final design was a book that embodied the spirit of r/place with tight text and scattered large visuals on the pages. The cover remained chaotic with a simple red band to accommodate additional text. The design captured the essence of r/place and demonstrated the importance of consistency throughout the concept. The project taught me the importance of incorporating the concept into every aspect of the design, without sacrificing creativity.


rplace book with poster cover in plexi glass case
pixelated boat art piece


open cover to cover rplace book
pixelated philosopher portrait


rplace book without poster in case
pixelated french painting


inside page 1 of book
inside page 1 of book
inside page 1 of book
inside page 405 of book
pixelated star wars poster


book and poster
pixelated avatar the last airbender tribute art


detail shot of book in case
three pixelated pictures of the eiffel tower, queen elizabeth smoking weed and a chocolate bar