close up of different pills, photo credit: raimond-klavins-n-7HTOiJPso-unsplash



Redesign the packaging for the in-house label “Life” at Shoppers Drug Mart.


The challenge was to design a clear and visually appealing packaging that could accommodate a large amount of text. Initially, a horizontal type was experimented with to match the information on the bottle, but a vertical layout was eventually chosen to better align with the label on the bottle.


The project started with examining conventional layouts used for ibuprofen packaging and then testing out different color combinations that would match the intended pills. The layout, text size, and color palette were refined through a process of trial and error until a cohesive design was achieved.


The final design featured a vertical layout that distinguishes it from other products on the shelf and a consistent color code that helps customers identify the product before they reach the cash. The text was legible and flowed well with the design without overpowering it. The project provided valuable insights into the intricacies of packaging design, such as creating and test printing die lines, as well as testing text size and color.


children strength ibuprofen packaging
red and blue pills layed out, photo credir: behnam-norouzi-illu2AvJO2A-unsplash


regular strength ibuprofen packaging
red, blue and white pills close up, photo credit: ginger-EzXnHsdCHiI-unsplash


extra strength ibuprofen packaging
colourful pills closeup, photo credit: joshua-coleman-AVqs0ItdMQM-unsplash
all three strengths, bottles
all three strengths, boxes