closeup of letterpress blocks, photo credits: fabio-santaniello-bruun-Y6tGu-OH8lA-unsplash



The project involved redesigning the handbook for the Graphic Design program at Dawson College.


The main challenge was to create a concept that effectively represented the program’s creative possibilities while being relevant for all three years of the program.


This began by conducting extensive brainstorming and sketching sessions to develop a concept that conveyed the program’s progression from year one to year three. The concept was refined to include details such as a grid system, layout of text and images, and exploration of color schemes that best represented the mood of each year.


The final design resulted in a colorful 50-page booklet that included numerous images to support the text. The concept of progression was effectively conveyed through the use of a consistent design system that evolved throughout the booklet, reflecting the growth and development of the students throughout the program.


cover of graphic design booklet
closeup of different type on vellum paper, photo credit: charlesdeluvio-LPTVnfARdfs-unsplash


page 53 of booklet
closeup of pen taking notes, photocredit: med-badr-chemmaoui-ZSPBhokqDMc-unsplash


detail of inside page, mostly images
detail of inside page, all text
closeup on block letters, photo credit: patrick-fore-Rm5dTBSwzaY-unsplash