Close Up Piano Key Photo



Create a dynamic and engaging concert poster that appeals to classical music lovers and enthusiasts, and clearly conveys the details of the event featuring composer and pianist Philip Glass. Glass is known for his repetitive phrases and shifting layers, and his most famous work can be recognized from the movie “The Hours” with Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman.


The challenge of representing abstract musical concepts in a visual way was difficult, but ultimately overcome. Different mediums and techniques were explored to capture the emotions and sentiments conveyed by the music.


The music was allowed to guide the creative process, resulting in an abstract design that metaphorically captures the sense of “escape.” The use of flowing watercolors and organic shapes creates a visual experience that mirrors the sensation of listening to Glass’s music.


The final design effectively represents the concert and the album, using color and abstraction to create a cohesive and visually compelling narrative. This project taught me the value of intuition and creative exploration in producing successful designs.


Hanging Escape Music Event Poster
Close Up Guitar Playing

Youtube Ad

Youtube Advertisement On Computer
Dark Room With Open Door


instagram advertisement on mobile phone
close up piano playing


snapchat advertisement on mobile phone
black and white open road
all three advertisements on their respected screens