close up shots of woman in the tundra collection



The mandate was to rebrand the logo and applications for the well-known fashion designer, Chet Lo.


The challenge was to merge the sophistication of the brand with the playful character of Chet Lo, and create a cohesive brand identity.


With extensive research and analyzed Chet Lo’s existing brand presence across various social media platforms. The experimentation with several versions of the logo, including different fonts and styles was done, and ultimately settled on a classic serif font. Color exploration was also challenging, as Chet Lo’s clothing designs are unique and colorful.


The final logo design is a variable font that can adjust to various applications, much like Chet Lo’s clothing designs. The decision to stick with a black and white color scheme was taken with and a focus on the placement and sizing of the logo in various applications. The resulting brand identity is both unique and unified, with a simple yet effective logo design.


cover of brand book for chet lo
closeup of man in head piece


store and wall application pages of brand book
closeup of woman in a yellow knitwear swim cap


closeups inside of book showing the store front
close up of pool noodle, knitwear purse


black on white stationery
one woman standing, one woman on her head posing for the 2nd generation collection